Academy of Applied Sciences Mazovia boasts an area of over 1 hectare that is gradually being adapted for the organization of the academic campus. At the moment student life is concentrated around closely situated buildings. Two of them – building A and are located at ul. Sokołowska 161.

The main facility of the University is building A of a total useable area of 8175 m². It features 7 lecture halls with 851 seats, 9 practice halls (356 seats), 4 computer rooms (105 seats), geology room, geodesy room, nursing room, medical rescue room, physical examination room, foreign languages room, 3 building laboratories (strengths of materials, physics of buildings and building materials), physical laboratory, chemical laboratory and laboratories of preventive methods of physiotherapy. In the building there is a library with a reading room holding 12 computer workstations, 58 seats for individual work for the students. The building is adapted for the needs of people with disabilities. There are 4 restrooms for disabled persons in the facilities of the University.

In the building there are offices of University Authorities, Dean’s Office, departments’ rooms, lecturers’ rooms, Students’ Parliament seat and students’ bar. In order to meet our students’ expectations, we have prepared a playroom for children and mother-and-child room.







We educate students in medical fields of study (physiotherapy, nursing and medical rescue) using our own didactic base which is well-equipped and compatible with teaching standards applicable in a given field.


Building B of an area of 1198 m² holds a lecture hall (126 seats) and 13 practice rooms (363 seats).