Graduate studies (Master)


Graduate studies in the field of economics teach students practical skills and last four semesters (2 years). Students will obtain knowledge and develop competences necessary for conducting professional activity in analytical and managerial positions in the area of HR, material and financial management.

The graduates will have the skills necessary to start and grow their own business, or to continue their studies with postgraduate training.


Economics ECTS catalogue

ECONOMICS 2017/2018



Graduate studies in the field of nursing are dedicated for people holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Education process ensures that the student will receive specialised knowledge as well as abilities and skills necessary for a future nurse. Studies that last 4 semesters (2 years) are focused on delivering modern, broad knowledge in terms of medical and social sciences as well as specialized nursing; delivering knowledge about the basics of methodology of conducting scientific research; forming managerial skills in nursing, health promotion and health education; creating habits of constant education and professional development. The process of education is aimed at the practical aspect of nursing.


Nursing graduate ECTS catalogue

Nursing 2017/2018



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