Undergraduate studies

(Bachelor or Engineer)

Finances and accounting

Studies in the field of finances and accounting aim to teach students practical skills and last six semesters (3 years). Students shall gain knowledge concerning finances and accounting as well as functioning of financial institutions and banks. They will learn how to register economic operations and how to evaluate economic and financial situation of business entities. They will be able to analyse and interpret the phenomena of financial mechanisms of functioning of modern economy, its institutions and entities. They will be practically prepared to manage the finances of companies, financial institutions and local government.

Finances and accounting ECTS catalogue


Finance and Accouting_2018_2019

Civil engineering

Studies of a practical profile last 8 semesters (4 years). We educate engineers who will have not only latest theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that are highly valued in the job market and that are essential for independent designing and carrying out construction works according to a chosen specialization.

Students gain basic knowledge about materials, products and main building systems as well as technologies of realizing buildings and other constructions. They learn about the methods of managing building processes. Knowledge gained in the course of the studies enables elastic adjustment to rapidly changing requirements concerning designing methods of basic types of constructions. During studies students use the latest software for creating 2D and 3D graphics as well as modelling using BIM technology.


Networks and sanitary fittings ECTS catalogue

General engineering and road engineering ECTS catalogue

Civil Engineering 2017/2018



Studies in the field of nursing are dedicated for holders of Polish school-leaving examination certificate who are interested in obtaining qualifications as a nurse. The process of education enables students to gain specialized knowledge and obtain abilities and skills necessary for working as a professional nurse in the future. Studies last six semesters (3 years) and are focused on supporting the development of the student, their independent thinking and forming ethical attitudes. The education process is oriented at practical aspects of nursing.

Nursing undegraduate ECTS catalogue

Nursing 2017/2018



Today physiotherapy is a standard procedure used for treating people at different ages and levels of disability. It is also used as physioprivention. Without it we cannot speak about modern medicine.

Studies in the field of physiotherapy last six semesters (3 years). In the whole cycle of studies students gain wide theoretical and practical knowledge that allows them to work as physiotherapists. The graduate learns how to diagnose a patient, how to choose and carry out suitable treatments, learns about kinesitherapeutic and physiotherapeutic methods as well as massage techniques taking into account indications and contraindications, methodology or current regulations.

Physiotherapy ECTS catalogue

Medical rescue

Medical rescue is a system established in order to save people’s life and health.

Education in the field of medical rescue takes place in form of full-time and part-time studies for six semesters (3 years). The graduate receives a professional title of Bachelor.

The student gains practical abilities using specialised laboratories equipped with modern devices and medical equipment necessary for performing simulation of rescue activities. An import element of education is a direct contact with a patient by doing internship at medical institutions and entities collaborating with Emergency Medical Services. During clinical training and professional internship students obtain knowledge and experience at hospital wards, medical rescue units or The State Fire Service. In the course of the studies there will be two training and fitness camps – altitude and sea rescue.


Medical rescue ECTS catalogue

Medical Rescue 2017/2018

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