The mission of Academy of Applied Sciences Mazovia is education of personnel for the future, creation and transfer of genuine knowledge as well as building of information society.

Academy of Applied Sciences Mazovia achieves its objectives in the following ways:

  1. Education of personnel for the future — the University delivers universal, professional and up-to-date knowledge, and, at the same time, teaches how to be elastic in constantly changing conditions of economic environment.
  2. Creation of knowledge and its transfer — the University conducts research and implementations aimed at the needs of innovative economy of the region.
  3. Building of the society of knowledge — the University develops social capital of Mazovia and the Siedlce District by forming civic attitudes, popularizing  knowledge and socially useful activity.

The main objective of the University is creation of high society capable of constant education, entrepreneurial, mobile and showing interest in the country’s well-being and interests, popularizing in their environment knowledge and civic attitudes.

The selection of our teaching personnel, coherent study plans and programmes as well as our material base and way of management are all subject to Academy of Applied Sciences Mazovia’s mission. The integral part of our mission is kindness, friendliness and partnership towards our students.

mgr inż. arch. (M.Sc. Eng.) Mariusz Szabłowski
Chancellor of  Academy of Applied Sciences Mazovia  


Education for the job market and responsibility for the professional development of our graduates. We focus on:

  • practical profile of education – our classes are conducted by practitioners who have gained professional knowledge outside the University. During classes students carry out projects that allow them to confront their theoretical knowledge with their practical knowledge. Students work both in groups, as well as individually. During classes they have an opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with others, exchange opinions and consult them with the lecturer. Studying at Academy Mazovia is based on a special relation Master – Student where the effectiveness of the teacher is measured by professional successes of his students;
  • innovation – unlike other universities, we concentrate on educating graduates, not students – we constantly modify our curricula adjusting them to the requirements of the job market and introducing classes that go beyond the standards, e.g. self-presentation techniques, public speeches, contact with the media, etc. We apply modern methods of teaching: network learning,  didactic games, team tasks, interdisciplinary tasks, projects, competences mapping, debates and sessions of academic counselling, discussions on certain problems, etc.
  • comfort of studying – we are concerned with friendly and exceptional atmosphere of studying. Part of the classes takes place outside the traditional lecture hall – in small, cosy rooms encouraging discussions, exchange of opinions and individual consultations. We have two club halls and Graduate’s Club available for the students.